Candles are that little addition to any space, which can change the aura of an entire room. They have the ability to spark memories and encourage us to take time to reflect, slow down and to embrace our surroundings. 

Choosing a candle for yourself or someone else can be somewhat challenging, as fragrances can be quite personal. For this reason, I believe that candles are much more than a scent or a fragrance and I have put together a list of my top 5 favourite candles. 

1. Libertine from SOH

Orange blossom flowers, leaves and twigs

Danny and I have traveled the globe in quest of great places, people, and treasures, but it's always such a good feeling to return home. Don’t get me wrong, especially with the lockdowns I’m missing travel more than ever. But there’s something about bringing the world home with you and creating a space within your home to revisit memories from a place far away. Candles can do just this! Especially Libertine from SOH, with tones of orange blossom flowers, accompanied by hints of leaves and twigs.  

I love to burn the Libertine candle on weekends at home whilst I daydream of my travels to Morocco. My mind always wanders to the long lunch I enjoyed at Beldi Country Club and the time spent roaming around the grounds and snapping photos! The scenery was spectacular, and the mood was peaceful and relaxed. Everywhere you looked, beautiful, delicate florals streamed out into the pathway or over the pergola above... It was truly enchanting. Lighting this candle takes me back to these cherished memories, from 2018. 

To give it the attention it deserves, I like to place this candle in my living room on a Lyssa or Nile travertine tray, filling the area with the scent of spring as it sits nestled in with some of my treasures from Morocco. 

2. Few and Far signature candle

Bergamot, Fig and Vetiver

Few and Far is inspired by travel and the world we live in. We are creative minded and share a sophisticated sense of adventure which reflects our life and home. We are constantly searching for the next timeless find whose story and history connects with us. Few and Far is a portal to the world of interiors, craftsmen and artisans. A place to lose yourself and discover. A place to escape...Our signature candle's scent is a combination of Bergamot, Fig and Vetiver and has an ‘exotic’ note to it. This candle has been inspired by our global travels, a subtle yet memorable fragrance that is warm and inviting. It sits nicely in the Shauna Glass Candle Holder, as it reminds us of the oceans we’ve crossed to visit these incredible places around the globe.

3. Ashley and Co - Once Upon A Time

Gardenia, vetiver, cedar wood and neroli flower

The combination of these scents for me personally creates a sense of curiosity and wonder. The floral and earthy tones bring back young memories of growing up here on the South Coast of NSW, surrounded by stunning beaches and bushland. 

Huskisson, located on the shores of Jervis Bay Marine Park in the Shoalhaven region, is a lovely town with a long history of shipbuilding. The bay is filled with abundant marine life, including Bottlenose dolphins, fur seals, penguins, and weedy sea dragons, and has crystal blue waters and the whitest of sandy beaches. Huskisson is Jervis Bay's primary retail, dining, and entertainment centre. It’s a great spot to explore, relax, and breathe in the salty air, and being only a 2.5-hour journey from Sydney and Canberra, makes for a fun day-trip or relaxing holiday!

I light this candle whenever I’m in a creative mood, thinking of the unique interiors I’ve immersed myself in around the globe, and how I can bring the world into my very own home. Growing up, I would redesign and redecorate my own room, growing my passion for interior decorating. 

Pair your candle with our Empress Tray in green marble, the smiley grey glass against the deep green marble makes for a decadent display to send out floral and earthy scents.

4. iKou De-Stress

This definitely makes my top 5! After a stressful week, there’s nothing better than coming home to a house that smells like a day spa, always with the iKou De Stress candle burning in the background. This aromatherapy candle is created with 100% pure essential oils, hand-poured in the Blue Mountains. With floral notes and touches of fresh citrus and clementine, this De Stress candle is the perfect addition to your bathroom or bedroom after a long day.

A bedroom should be cozy and comfortable, and it should include a scent that relaxes you,  just like this one! It should feel like a warm embrace and leave you feeling completely at ease so that you can get the most restful and rejuvenating sleep possible. The vessel is crafted from timeless white glass providing a soft light throughout your space, and pairs beautifully with our vintage Indian carved stone plates to protect the surface it sits upon. 

5. Black Blaze - Clary Sage

We’re fortunate enough to wake up to beautiful surroundings every day. Most weekends, the sun is shining, the ocean is calm and the kids are already awake and promising the dog a morning beach run! But, if you’re a business owner, you know that your mind never stops working! And we constantly remind ourselves that it’s important to find that work/life balance!

Whenever I’m feeling overwhelmed and struggling to find that balance, the Clary Sage scented candle from Black Blaze is my go-to scent. With the aroma of contentment, this lavender and eucalyptus fragrance presents with tones of white sage and citrus, designed to infuse work and life with creative energy. 

I like to pair this candle with our Sandy Glass Votive, to diffuse a soft, warm light, which is surrounded by a touch of colour in earthy hues. 

Just one little touch of aroma can transport you to a completely different place which is what I love most about candles and diffusers. There is a perfect scent (or a few as I’ve listed above!) out there for everyone, it all depends on what you’re drawn to! 

Tara xx 

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