Discover meticulously curated botanical arrangements, with our new vases and favourite faux foliage, styled by Ffoliar. Founded by the talented Sammy Bate on the South Coast of NSW, Ffoliar brings a touch of botanical artistry to this collaboration, elevating the beauty of nature into stunning interior sculptures. This collaboration is an ode to nature's brilliance and a celebration of the changing seasons.

The Husk Vase range, made from opaque black glass that has been intricately etched, features striking sculptural vases. Soften the look by styling with pastel florals and balance the flat style vase by adding tall stems.

Shop the look: Husk Vase - Flat and Anthurium Stems.

Invite the warmth of spring into your interior with the Dewy Vase's warm bronze colour and smooth finish. The perfect proportions of it's silhouette allows for a creative arrangement of florals above.

Shop the look: Dewy Vase and Billy Button Stems.

Make a captivating entryway moment with a large vase that can hold a statement floral display. The angular opaque black Ginny Vase is the perfect contemporary canvas to layer a variety of tonal stems atop at different heights.