2021 has been a tough year for many, so it's no surprise many of us are looking forward to a huge Christmas. We're longing to get together with family and friends to celebrate getting through the year that was. 

I love Christmas - good food (and lots of it!), family time and summer holidays! All of the things that make me happy.

And for once in my life I'm actually feeling pretty organised for Christmas... I've been slowly ordering online for the past few weeks, to make sure I beat the 'Christmas rush' especially these days with the time it takes to ship something!

For the first time in my life we actually got the tree up early with half of the presents wrapped on the first day of the month! It’s covered in hand made, brightly coloured preschool and school decorations which is what Christmas is all about at this stage of life.

The kids are so excited this year, and I’ll be honest when I admit I’ve probably used it to keep them on their toes in terms of their manners and behaviour. Santa really does wonders around here!

We're looking forward to celebrating Christmas in store with all of the holiday travellers, so I've put together 5 easy ways to bring a little bit of extra Christmas cheer to your home this year!

1. Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree!

We're loving the floral Christmas tree trend this year! Our trees in the stores are towering ever so high, and we've stacked them completely full of beautiful, lush Christmas florals and greenery!

Flowers and greenery have the ability to bring a room to life. I know that whenever I’m styling a shop, trade stand or interior it always feels a bit ‘blah’ until I’ve added the finishing touches (those being light and flowers!). 


 2. Garnish your tree (and your drinks) with some dried oranges

If you've got old oranges hanging around, dry them out and use them as festive decor! This article is a great way to learn how.

Making your own traditional dried oranges will leave your home smelling festive and as the month continues on, you can pull them off your tree and add them as garnishes to your charcuterie boards or cocktails (even better!).

If DIY isn't your thing, you can pick up some pre-dried oranges in store!


3. Special Christmas table settings

Christmas isn't just about the way things look, but the way they make you feel.

I love sitting down at Christmas lunch, surrounded by the ones I love the most with the happy buzz and chatter around the table. Every year when I'm getting out the Christmas table settings, it just takes me right back to that feeling of happiness and contentment.

A beautiful table setting will 'wow' your guests this Christmas and spark some joy after a difficult year! I personally love to use a beautiful linen table cloth, with linen napkins and a full table setting for the adults (and something I'm a little less attached to for the kids!).

4. Deck the halls (and the living room!)

When we're full to the eyeballs with Christmas lunch the natural progression in our house is toward the lounge room.

I like to change up my cushions and throws to tie in with my Christmas tree decor and bits and pieces I've incorporated around the home. 

5. Christmas by candlelight

If our house wasn't so chaotic at Christmas time, this could be the perfect set up - then again, the candles are battery operated, so maybe I could attempt it!

I love a bright and brilliant day followed by a moody night.

Candles can bring a little something special to a home during Christmas – they encapsulate your space with a soft eye-catching hue.  When decorating with candles, there's not shortage of delectable holiday scents to make your home smell warm and inviting, such as: Mister Frost, Cinnamon and Vanilla and Mistle Toe – shop our candles.

If you'd like to see our Christmas decor in action, we've definitely brough the Christmas spirit to our @fewandfarhome stores with some creative yet festive decorating... I really do love this time of year!