Decorating the perfect tree this Christmas

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas! This year our stores are like a stocking on Christmas morning – full to the brim and waiting for the different treasured to be discovered!
I love the look on people's faces when they step inside during the Christmas holidays. There's something so special about this time of year, everyone is happy, relaxed and excited to be out and about – this year more so than ever! 
This time of year gives me the opportunity to restyle the stores and a little bit of magic! Our tree styling is different from most, but the foundations of creating a beautiful tree remain the same, so I've put together my top tips for creating the perfectly styled Christmas tree.
1. Invest in a quality artificial tree
Part of the tradition of Christmas for me is incorporating a real tree because I love the smell of pine needles! But, the artificial trees looks so real now that when I'm not super organised I'm definitely happy to use an artificial one.
A good foundation is the most important part of a good-looking tree this Christmas, so make sure you invest in a quality artificial tree! Not only do artificial trees continue to look great during the Christmas season, but they reduce waste and can be used for many years to come. 
Artificial trees don't have to be boring, there's a huge assortment of different colours, styles, heights and thicknesses. An elegant white-tipped tree will give the illusion of snow, perfect for next to the fireplace.
Now that you've picked the perfect base, it's time to make it beautiful.

2. Pay attention to your branches
Splay out your branches and distribute them evenly. Stand back and make sure there are no 'bald spots' or huge gaps between branches. A full, fluffy tree gives a more sophisticated and luxurious look, unless you're going for a Scandinavian inspired fur tree, otherwise make sure your tree is nice and full.
My personal preference is to start from the bottom and work my way up. I find this to be the easiest and most effective way of achieving a full-looking tree. If your tree is a bit older and tired-looking and despite your best efforts there's still gaps – don't fret! You can bulk out your tree with some bigger decorations like big baubles or bows.

3. Pick a theme
Your theme will determine the direction of your tree and I know everyone has different taste when it comes to Christmas decor. Some love a bright candy-coloured tree, while others (like me!) like a more moody and eclectic tree, pairing the new with the old.
Pick your theme and stick with it, you can't go wrong!

4. Light it up (first!)
A huge part of the magic of a Christmas tree is held in the twinkling lights. The trick to a beautiful, sparkly tree is making sure you put your lights on first. This allows you to push the cord back toward the trunk of the tree and disguise it in the bristles.
For a more whimsical, less structured look, try varying the depth and location of your lights as you weave them around your tree – bring some to the front, and push some to the back. Try putting some over branches and hanging some under as you go. There are no set rules, just trial and see what you like!
If you've got a tree that already has lights in it, you can skip this part!

5. Play with scale, texture and texture
Don't be too stressed about keeping everything matchy-matchy! My favourite Christmas trees tell a story about the person who put it up! Try picking decorations that keep in line with your theme but pick up different colours, tones and textures of one another!
This year, we've decorated our trees with a range of florals, baubles and dried oranges. Not only does this look beautiful while staying fun and festive but it also adds a creative (and edible) aspect to your tree!
Shop florals
6. Balance your ornaments (or florals)!
While you're hanging your decorations, take some time to step back and make sure your decorations are spread around the tree and there's not too many clusters that throws the balance off or spots where there are no decorations.
Hanging heavier ornaments towards the centre of the tree will give it more depth and not weigh down the branches, helping your tree to stay looking light and floaty.
Bring smaller decorations to the front of the branches and include some bows, ribbons or tinsel to add some texture!
In this instance, I like to work from the top down (finishing off with the tree topper, of course!).
7. Location, location, location!
I love to put our tree in front of the window in the living room so it's a focal point of the room during the day and can be seen twinkling from outside during the night!
I'd always suggest putting your tree in a space that it can be admired – there's no point in going to all this trouble for it to be hidden in the spare room!
Finally, pop your presents underneath and enjoy the Christmas season!
Tara's Tip:
Use a round dolly to be able to spin your Christmas tree for ease of access to the back of the tree! You can cover this with a tree skirt and then stack up the presents, no one will ever know!